In Awe of Life (mixed Media on canvas)

My first memory of making art was copying fairytale characters. In my latest series of paintings I am not interested in landscapes or buildings but characters. Not the fairytales characters or famous actor. What interest me is the people I deal with on a daily day basis. With the paintings I highlight one or two facets of that person’s personality. These facets is influenced by how I perceive the person and by my mood at the time of creating the composition and surface. With these I take the person out of his or her environment and put them in a new corlia-made context. I move away from the original photo image with the use of mixed media and more than one traditional artistic direction, I will play the realism and smoothness of the skin off against the abstraction and expressionism. I start with the base color, then crackle medium, then another layer of color. Lately I never start with the figure first. Then by using gold, silver or bronze leave, yarn, wire, oil and acrylic paint I combine seemingly unrelated media to make a meaningful composition and surface. One of the most important mediums in my work is the crackle medium as to me it symbolizes the aging of all.

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